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Medhaj Astro is an initiative of Dr. Samir Tripathi, CMD – Medhaj Group, who has a vision to make people understand the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of their life with respect to their natal horoscope. With the help of Medhaj Astro, he wishes to impart his knowledge of Astrology, gained through rigorous research and analysis on the platform of Medhaj News. Medhaj Astro is currently hosting a series of basic astrology class for its viewers and “Astro Science, defining Daily Chores” through which Dr. Samir Tripathi, shall be guiding on daily basis with respect to the planetary movement on that respective day and corresponding nakshatra, energy of the day and shall advise on precautions that need to be taken.

“ Astrology is not for PREDICTION... it is for CORRECTION.”

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